Kensington Unitarians are a community of kindred souls who meet each week at Essex Church in Notting Hill Gate to explore, reflect, converse, be still, share joys and sorrows, and support one another on life’s journey. We are proud to be part of a worldwide and historic liberal religious tradition.

Our main activity is Sunday worship and we hold a service each week at 11am. All are welcome. Services are usually themed and include readings from a variety of sources, prayers, music, singing, stillness, and a short sermon. Our children’s leaders provide an alternative programme of activities for younger people. Small-group activities are another key part of our programme. We offer courses and workshops exploring spiritual and religious matters, drawing on diverse sources of wisdom and inspiration, and considering life’s meaning together with others on the spiritual journey.

sunday services

other activities

Sunday 26th January at 11.00am
‘Finding Our Niche’
Led by Rev. Sarah Tinker
Sunday 26th January, 12.45-2pm
Sunday Conversation:
On ‘Lost and Found’.
Sunday 2nd February at 11.00am
‘Breaking the Mould’
Led by Jeannene Powell & Rachel Sparks
Thursday 30th January, 6.45 for 7-8.30pm
Ritual of Darkness and Light
Sunday 9th February at 11.00am
‘Proudly Heretical’
Led by Rev. Sarah Tinker
Thursday 6th February, 6.45 for 7-8pm
Heart and Soul:
Led by Sarah Tinker
Sunday 16th February at 11.00am
‘Law Breaking’
Led by Rev. Sarah Tinker
Sunday 16th February, 12.30-1.15pm
Finding Your Voice:
Singing class with Margaret.

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