Management Committee

Every month the Essex Church management committee – currently consisting of six people – meet up to discuss issues regarding the running of the church. Regular reports of the committee’s activities are published in the church newsletter.

committee members

Gina BayleyginaBayley I have been a member of Essex Church for over four years. I spent over forty years attending Anglican churches, but increasingly over the years felt very much like a square peg in a round hole. I admired the music and litany of the Church, but as an audience-member not a participator. I had never heard of the Unitarians and it was only when it was mentioned in a novel I was reading, that I decided to investigate further. I am so glad I did! I have now found my spiritual home, where I can be accepted as myself, with all my doubts and feel free to explore different spiritual paths.
Roy ClarkroyClark Early in 2013 I reached a crossroads in my life. I recognised that I needed more meaningful interaction with others and to rediscover a spiritual perspective. Becoming a member of the congregation at Essex Church has provided me with both. I find that belonging to an inclusive outward looking community gives me the space to develop and refine my faith without being bound by dogma or doctrine. When I was asked if I would consider joining the management committee I was honoured to be able to serve what has become my spiritual home. Professionally I am a photographer and writer.
Natasha DrennanNatasha Drennan, member of the committee at Essex Church. I have been a member of Essex Church for over five years. When I moved to London in 2008 I was looking for a Unitarian community close to my West London home. I was a semi-regular attendee at UU churches back in Canada since 2000. I feel I have found my spiritual life home at Essex Church and have a keen interest in moving forward our Congregational social action initiatives. In my business life, I manage a 50-person architecture practice in Shoreditch and hope I can bring some management skills as needed to the committee. For a hobby I also sing in a chamber choir in the city called the Esterhazy Singers of London and music is a particular passion of mine.
Juliet EdwardsJuliet Edwards, member of the committee and trustee at Essex Church. I have been a member of this congregation for twenty five years. I was already a Unitarian when I started attending at but a time in my life when I had little self confidence. I felt welcomed by the congregation and that if I tried something, like stewarding, or reading aloud in the service, people were rooting for me rather than being critical or waiting for me to make a mistake. That acceptance helped me to turn my life around. Now I’m one of the “old guard” and try to extend the same encouragement that was given to me.
Heidi FeridHeidi Ferid, member of the committee and trustee at Essex Church. I have been a member of Kensington Unitarians since 1996. At the time I was surprised to find myself ‘going to church’ on a regular basis since I had given up my Catholic faith in my late teens – but I felt attracted by the generosity of spirit that I found in the Unitarian movement. I felt also a sense of belonging to this place. It took a while for all this to become clear to me. I have been involved in different ways. I am a painter and one of my paintings is on permanent display in the Church Hall.
Harold LorenzelliHarold Lorenzelli, member of the committee and trustee at Essex Church. I joined Essex Church in about 1973 when I became a member of the choir. I left for a short period in the 80′s when my career plans changed but returned after a break of three years or so. When invited to join the committee as a trustee I accepted as it seemed a good move to become more involved in the workings of the Church. At present I hold the post of Music co-ordinator and organise the singers and pianists that help provide the music for weekly worship. I think what I like about Unitarianism is its non-dogmatic, broad-based interest in people and our search for a faith.