Workshops and Courses


Sunday Conversations
Sundays 29th July and 26th August 2018

After the last service of each month, we will be holding a space where congregation members can gather to explore the topic we have been considering in that month’s thematic ministry. In July 2018 it will be ‘Freedom and Liberation’ and in August 2018 it will be ‘Paying Attention’.

‘How to be a Unitarian’ Half-Day Workshop
Sunday 14th October, 1pm-5pm

For those who missed our recent course we’re offering another opportunity to find out ‘How to be a Unitarian’! Of course there are many varied ways to go about it and we’ll explore just a few of the possibilities together in this Sunday afternoon ‘taster’ workshop.

Reasons why you might want to come to the workshop:

• Because you like coming to church… yet you feel a bit hazy about what it means to be Unitarian.
• Because you want to reflect on your own spiritual journey and moral values together with others.
• Because you want to explore the experience of being both spiritual and religious in community.
• Because you want to connect more deeply with fellow congregation members in a small group.
• Because you value Unitarianism and you want to play a more active part in helping it to thrive.

Whether you’ve been coming to church for 3 weeks or 30 years there will be something for you in this workshop. Even if you don’t yet consider yourself a Unitarian, but you appreciate what we do here at Essex Church, and want to come along to the workshop anyway to find out more, please do sign up – the more the merrier!

We need at least eight people to sign up for this to run and numbers will be limited so please save the date and register for the workshop ASAP. Email if you would like to sign up or if you have any queries.