Creativity Group


Our creativity group has been running (with occasional breaks) for over twelve years. Participants are welcome to bring along art or craft projects you’re working on and do your own thing whilst enjoying the good company of the group. One of the particularly enjoyable features of this group is the space it offers for fellowship and conversation while we are each working on our individual projects alongside one another. Alternatively we have some basic art materials available if you would just like to play with pens, pencils, and paints during the evening. During 2015 and 2016 we invited group members to make some new textile panels to add to our ever-changing seasonal wall-hanging which is displayed at the front of the church. Panels should be 150cm long and have a loop at the top to go over the pole they hang from. Contact Jane for details:


Five people sitting in a line at tables and working on printmaking in the creativity group.