A large gathering of Unitarian Universalists wearing yellow 'Standing on the Side of Love' T-shirts at a demonstration.

On Love’s Side

Standing on the Side of Love is a public advocacy campaign organised by the Unitarian Universalist Association, whose goal is to harness love’s power to…

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A group of people in traditional Scottish dress, including kilts and sashes, doing country dancing in the street.

Comfort and Cheer

We have my mum to thank for the title of this address – comfort and cheer. Her memory has almost gone – she doesn’t really…

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Two fingers next to each other have faces and hands drawn on them so it looks as if they are people hugging each other. A heart is drawn joining the two fingers.

A Path of Self-Compassion

‘No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance’. Robert Holden  You have perhaps heard of a project called Letters of Note. Now…

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Six small seedlings growing in a row in dark earth.

Fresh Starts

When people ask if I like my job as a minister of a church I usually point out that I’m being paid to sit upstairs…

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A selection of banknotes from different countries arranged in concentric circles.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Some thoughts about God and Money… Finance is a great concern in any religious establishment – every mosque, temple, church and cathedral, synagogue and chapel…

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A row of asparagus spears (referring to the historic 'Asparagus Lunches' of non-conformist ministers).

A Long Wait

“I see in the rising crescendo of ethnic tensions, civilization clashes and the use of religious justification for acts of terror, a clear and present…

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A bright red balloon floating away in a clear blue sky.

Letting Go, Moving On

Today’s theme of ‘letting go’ that Sonya and I chose is a theme I’m drawn to in life, perhaps because it’s something I don’t always…

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Three camels being led across the Sahara Desert.

Tie Up Your Camel… and other Good Advice

Reading / Reflection: In Charles Dickens’ famous novel David Copperfield we meet Mr Micawber, a kindly, larger than life man who befriends the young Copperfield. …

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A painting of a hand writing a letter by candlelight.

Writing it Down

I wonder how many of us can remember learning to read and to write? They are apparently very different learning processes and our individual experiences…

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An etching illustrating the Book of Esther.

The Good and the Bad

On my first week at theology college I showed myself up, just a little bit.  One of our lecture rooms was called Vashti and I…

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