Honouring Beethoven's Birthday - 22/11/20

Honouring Beethoven’s Birthday – 22/11/20

Opening Music Words of Welcome and Chalice Lighting: Good morning everybody, I’m Sarah Tinker and I’m with Kensington Unitarians on Zoom this autumn morning. Welcome…

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An Earth Celebration - 15/11/20

An Earth Celebration – 15/11/20

We gather here on Zoom on a wild and wet Sunday morning, at least that’s the weather here in London in November 2020. I wonder…

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Remembrance Sunday - 8/11/20

Remembrance Sunday – 8/11/20

Opening Music: Peace Like a River Opening Words and Chalice Lighting: Good morning everybody and welcome to Kensington Unitarians Sunday gathering. Today we’re marking Remembrance…

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All Souls - 01/11/20

All Souls – 01/11/20

Opening Music: ‘Mourn’ by Marilisa Valtazanou (1.58) Opening Words: ‘Surrender to This Life’ by Gretchen Haley (adapted) Give up the fight for some other moment…

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Eating the Darkness - 25/10/20

Eating the Darkness – 25/10/20

Opening Music: Handel – for behold darkness shall cover the earth Opening Words: Our planet earth home spins around her sun and tilts on her…

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Personal Identity

Personal Identity

Opening Music: We are by Ysaye Barnwell & UUA General Assembly Choir Opening Words: For each child that’s born a morning star rises and sings…

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Mayflower Celebrations? - 11/10/20

Mayflower Celebrations? – 11/10/20

Opening Music: Purcell’s Trumpet Fanfare Opening words: Hello everybody, it’s Sunday morning and we Kensington Unitarians, plus friends from near and far, are gathered once…

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Why Are We Here? pt. 2 - 04/10/20

Why Are We Here? pt. 2 – 04/10/20

Opening Music: ‘More than the Sum of our Parts’ by Marilisa Valtazanou Opening Words of Welcome: adapted from Margaret Weis: The church is not a…

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Why Are We Here? pt 1 - 27/09/20

Why Are We Here? pt 1 – 27/09/20

Opening Music: ‘Shibumi’ by Murie Johnstone (Sandra Smith – 56s) Opening Words of Welcome: Good morning everyone! and welcome to all who have gathered on…

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Harvest Celebration  - 20/09/20

Harvest Celebration – 20/09/20

Opening Music: ‘The Light of the Spirit’ by David Kent Opening Words: It’s the season of harvest, of golden leaves and corn, of ripe fruits…

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