A selection of banknotes from different countries arranged in concentric circles.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Some thoughts about God and Money… Finance is a great concern in any religious establishment – every mosque, temple, church and cathedral, synagogue and chapel…

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A row of asparagus spears (referring to the historic 'Asparagus Lunches' of non-conformist ministers).

A Long Wait

“I see in the rising crescendo of ethnic tensions, civilization clashes and the use of religious justification for acts of terror, a clear and present…

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A bright red balloon floating away in a clear blue sky.

Letting Go, Moving On

Today’s theme of ‘letting go’ that Sonya and I chose is a theme I’m drawn to in life, perhaps because it’s something I don’t always…

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Three camels being led across the Sahara Desert.

Tie Up Your Camel… and other Good Advice

Reading / Reflection: In Charles Dickens’ famous novel David Copperfield we meet Mr Micawber, a kindly, larger than life man who befriends the young Copperfield. …

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A painting of a hand writing a letter by candlelight.

Writing it Down

I wonder how many of us can remember learning to read and to write? They are apparently very different learning processes and our individual experiences…

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An etching illustrating the Book of Esther.

The Good and the Bad

On my first week at theology college I showed myself up, just a little bit.  One of our lecture rooms was called Vashti and I…

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The hands of a very old person, resting on a crochet blanket, and gently held by the hands of another person.

Life Ending

This service featured a guest reflection from Jeannene Powell.  Story: This story – known as ‘The Appointment in Samarra’ – is an ancient one, but…

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The Mars Rover on the surface of the red planet.

A Restless Curiosity

If you happen to be out this week shortly after sunset, (you should still be able to see Mars just above the horizon after sunset…

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Stonehenge on a sunny day.

Stonehenge: Meaning and Mystery

Have you visited Stonehenge lately?  Was your visit as dismal as Bill Bryson’s trip, humorously described in his book that we heard an extract from…

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Two protestors, one in a bowler hat and smoking a cigar, another with the flag of Greece painted on their face and with chains wrapped around their neck. They hold a banner which reads 'break the chains of debt'.


We’ve just completed a small group here at Essex Church, focusing on the origins of our liberal religious faith.  One of the surprises, for some…

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