GreenSpirit Group

Kensington Unitarians are glad to host the West London GreenSpirit Group and support its activities. The Group began in 2019 and arranges a variety of activities, open to all. If you care about our planet earth home and appreciate a spiritual orientation based on the Celtic wheel of the year, then you might enjoy our meetings. Details can be found on the GreenSpirit local groups page.

Meeting Dates for 2022

West London GreenSpirit Picnic and Walk: On Sunday 31st July 2022, the group will be having a summer picnic and walk in the park. Everyone is welcome to attend. You can join us at church 10.15am onwards if you’d like to watch the regular Zoom service together first – with coffee and other drinks. Or come to church for 12 noon when we’ll set off for the park. Or get in touch and we’ll tell you where to meet us – near Lancaster Gate, around 12.30pm. It’s fine just to attend the picnic and/or walk. We hope to visit the Serpentine Pavilion and discover some of Hyde Park’s eco-projects. More info from Sarah ( & David (

To book your place for any of these events or to find out more about our activities, please contact Sarah Tinker on or David Carter on We are a diverse group: everybody is welcome and no formal membership is necessary.

Kensington Unitarians are pleased to have this alliance with the GreenSpirit national movement: ‘engaged spirituality for a living Earth’. We encourage individuals to join GreenSpirit, which costs £12 annually for an online subscription, or £24 to receive their excellent magazine by post twice yearly.

Our congregation has a strong commitment to the environment and we have worked with Eco Church guidance to reduce our carbon footprint, improving our heating system and installing LED lighting. Our AGM voted to make this Declaration of a Climate & Ecological Emergency:

Kensington Unitarians join with organisations across Britain and our wider world to declare a climate & ecological emergency. We commit ourselves to

• Learning more about climate change and loss of species and the actions we can take to redress these emergencies through changes in our own lifestyles and in how our church building is used and run.
• Forging alliances with other groups working towards sustainable living and using our resources to support their work.
• Encouraging national and international governments to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions as a matter of urgency, with justice for those affected by climate change as a prime concern.
• Reflecting environmental concerns in our worship and other group activities.