Pastoral Network

During 2021 we have been working towards setting up a more organised system of pastoral support within the congregation. An initial working group has been convened by Jane to get this new ‘pastoral network’ started: Pat Gregory, Chloë Harewood, Marianne Harvey, Sonya Leite, Jeannene Powell and Michaela von Britzke. This group will meet about eight times a year to check in with each other and keep an eye on the pastoral needs of the congregation.

This is not a counselling or therapy service – just a listening ear and a friendly chat from time to time – or perhaps an occasional exchange of texts or emails if you prefer written communication to the phone. If you are struggling with issues that are beyond our ability to help with we will attempt to point you in the direction of other services and resources which might be more appropriate to your needs. If anyone in the congregation would like a chat with one of us you can contact us via and we will arrange for someone to get in touch. For those without access to email you can leave a voice message on the church office answerphone and we will do our best to get back to you within a few days: 0207 221 6514.