We Welcome New Members! When you feel that this is your spiritual home, we invite you to think about becoming a member of Essex Church. New members bring new ideas, new skills, and new energy to our congregation, further strengthening our diverse community. Before applying for membership of our congregation, we request that you attend our services and other events over a period of three months. There are several small groups that meet on a regular basis to connect on a more personal level than at coffee hour or during the Sunday service. Please come and visit us as often as you can so that you get to know us, participate in various church activities, and determine if this community is right for you.

We Value our Current Members! If you are already a member of Essex Church, we simply need you to re-confirm your membership each year. Membership is about affirming your personal commitment to this community and to the Unitarian ethos. Each member is a vital and valued part of this church and its work in the world. Membership does not depend on your financial contribution to the work of the church – there is no membership fee to pay this year – though of course we are very grateful for your regular donations which make possible the ongoing work of the congregation (and we will be in touch separately about fundraising matters in due course).

Fundraising – How You can Help: You do not have to pay to be a member of our community, but every penny you give us will help to continue our work in the world. Our annual budget is at least £150,000. That’s around £3,000 running costs for our building and church community each week. A monthly, or annual, standing order is the simplest way to support the church. A one off donation by cheque or bank transfer is always most welcome. Let us know if you want that contribution to go towards a particular project or purchase. Cheques can be made payable to Essex Church and our bank details for online transfers and standing orders are: CafBank, account number – 00004217 / sort code – 40-52-40.