Warden: Jenny Moy


Our warden, Jenny Moy, takes care of our church building. The warden is also the main point of contact for groups who hire our building for their various activities during the week.

Jenny’s previous Wardening experience was at the Quaker Meeting House in Bradford-on-Avon and she is still an active Friend. British Quakerism and Unitarianism are both liberal churches which have opened up from Christian roots to embrace wisdom from all faith traditions – in fact they’re such similar religions that ‘spot the differences’ has become one of Jenny’s favourite games.

Jenny says: “One major difference is that British Quakers don’t have Ministers so it’s been interesting for me to work so closely with Sarah and gain some understanding of her work and how it relates to her spirituality. I’m also interested in the way having a Minister affects the group dynamics in the congregation. I often think that churches function basically like families and we’re attracted to ones that reflect (or complement) our birth family experiences. My own attraction to a peer-led Church therefore makes me wonder what issues I have about parenting – Sarah is enough to reconcile anyone to being parented though! Essex Church is both much bigger and busier than the Bradford Meeting House and that can be a little overwhelming at times. However we’re blessed with a number of long-standing user groups who care a great deal for the building – which is helpful. The Church Committee and Trustees are also very engaged, so there’s a lot of support to call on if necessary. The building is so busy at evenings and weekends now, that it’s seldom possible to take on extra bookings – but there’s still some daytime availability on weekdays.”

To contact our warden, email: warden@kensington-unitarians.org.uk