Bad Women of the Bible - 12/09/21

Bad Women of the Bible – 12/09/21

Opening Music: ‘Chalice meditation – Gather us In’ by David Kent Words of Welcome and Chalice Lighting: Welcome to this day and to this gathered…

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Off the Hook - 5/9/21

Off the Hook – 5/9/21

Opening Music: Piano Instrumental performed by Marilisa Valtazanou (2.21) Opening Words: ‘This Hour of Worship’ by Carolyn S. Owen-Towle (adapted) Let us enter into this…

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Words of Wisdom - 29/08/21

Words of Wisdom – 29/08/21

Opening Music: ‘The Nearness of You’ performed by Mikaela Livadiotis Opening Words of Welcome: ‘We Arrive Together Here’ by Andy Pakula (adapted) We arrive together…

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People and Stone - 22/08/21

People and Stone – 22/08/21

Opening Music: Gliere’s Intermezzo recorded by Abby Lorimier and Rachel Spence Opening Words: The strength of the Earth is the stones And the same is…

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Adversity and the Human Spirit - 15/08/21

Adversity and the Human Spirit – 15/08/21

Opening Chant: The inspiration of spirit, the liberation of love – a Chalice Meditation by David Kent Opening Words: Good morning everybody and welcome to…

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The Long View - 08/08/21

The Long View – 08/08/21

Opening Music: played by Peter Crockford (2.17) Opening Words: ‘Holy is this Place’ by Maureen Killoran (adapted) Blessed is this virtual space in which we…

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The River - 01/08/21

The River – 01/08/21

Opening Music: ‘We Are the Flow’ performed by Marilisa Valtazanou (1.20) ‘We are the flow and we are the ebb; we are the weavers, we…

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Time Out - 25/07/21

Time Out – 25/07/21

Opening Music: played by Abby Lorimier and Peter Crockford (2.00) Opening Words: ‘Lay It Down’ by Joan Javier-Duval (adapted) Here – here is where you…

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Being Bored - 18/07/21

Being Bored – 18/07/21

Opening Music: ‘Interlude – Lloyd’ performed by Peter Crockford Opening Words of Welcome: adapted from Amy McKenzie Quinn and Elena Westbrook Welcome to this common,…

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How We Choose - 11/7/21

How We Choose – 11/7/21

Opening Music: Spirit of Life played by Abby and Sue Opening words: We gather here to seek the truth, to grow in love, to join…

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