Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul Online: A network of Unitarians in the UK and beyond are offering online Heart and Soul gatherings several times a week using Zoom. Heart and Soul is a contemplative spiritual gathering in which you can take time to reflect on life in the company of others. Sessions follow a regular pattern, including readings and music from an eclectic range of sources, time for guided prayers of gratitude, compassion for others, self-reflection, and silent meditation. These gatherings are an opportunity to get to know others at a deeper level. Newcomers are always welcome. If you would like to experience one of these gatherings for yourself please check the latest listings on www.heartandsoulcircles.org.uk/locations/ and sign up. Our ministry coordinator Jane holds regular sessions at 7pm on Sundays and Fridays (the screenshot above shows Sunday night regulars celebrating the first anniversary of our online gatherings in March 2021). 

From the start of 2013 until spring 2020 we held regular ‘Heart and Soul’ spiritual gatherings on the first Thursday evening of each month at Essex Church.  These contemplative gatherings are led by members of the congregation. The evenings end with time for refreshments (usually including cake!) and fellowship so it is a good opportunity to get to know people at a deeper level.  Pre-pandemic we usually met downstairs in the church library (occasionally we held a special gathering in the park).


A group of seven people sitting on picnic blankets in the park on a summer's evening for an outdoor 'Heart and Soul' spiritual gathering.