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‘The Spiritual Backpack’ 

Online Mini-Retreats in Spring 2021

From March 2021 we’ll be holding a series of monthly online mini-retreats on Zoom, led by Jane and held on Saturday afternoons, called ‘The Spiritual Backpack’. Each month we will focus on a particular quality that we might benefit from cultivating and tucking away in our ‘Spiritual Backpack’ to help us survive and even thrive during these challenging and uncertain times. The sessions will be contemplative in tone, with lots of space for quiet personal reflection, and some opportunities for gentle sharing with others.

27th March, 2-5pm – Flexibility, Adaptability, and Flow
17th April, 2-5pm – Intention, Persistence, and Resolve
22nd May, 2-5pm – Honesty, Openness, and Connection
19th June, 2-5pm – Courage, Creativity, and Boldness

Booking is now open; we are expecting to be oversubscribed, and although the sessions can stand alone, priority for places will be given to those who can commit to at least 3 of the 4 sessions. Please email to book your place. We hope you will find this a restorative space in which to focus on what matters most in life and reflect on it in supportive company.