Minister: Rev. Sarah Tinker


Note: As of January 2021, Sarah has retired, however we can look forward to her regular visits as a guest preacher throughout the coming months. 

Our community has a caring and committed minister, Rev Sarah Tinker, who works with members of the congregation to create worship and educational activities. Sarah is available to support people in facing life’s challenges as well as in marking significant moments in their individual and family lives.

Sarah says: “Some twenty five years ago I walked into a Unitarian chapel. I’d always been what could be described as ‘spiritual but not religious’: deeply interested in life and what it’s all about yet never quite imagining that I’d find a religious community where I’d feel comfortable or accepted. I found myself in a group of people who asked as many questions as I did and who encouraged my searching and exploring. A church that would let you make up your own mind about spiritual matters was a complete surprise and a delight to me. One of the first small group courses I attended there was called ‘Building Your Own Theology’ and I remain a big fan of such explorations, where people are empowered to express their own spiritual search in relation with one another.

Coming from a teaching background I soon got involved running the children’s group and was grateful for the warm welcome our own children found in that community. Working for the Unitarians nationally as Religious Education & Youth Officer came next and from there I moved to ministry training at our Unitarian College, Manchester. Kensington Unitarians called me as their minister in 2005 and I’m proud to be part of this congregation’s unfolding story. Ours is a friendly, liberal and inclusive community where we support and encourage one another on life’s journey and do what we can to create a more just and accepting world for all.

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about our faith and our community.”

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