To Plan or Not to Plan? - 28/02/21

To Plan or Not to Plan? – 28/02/21

Opening Music: by Abby Lorimier and Rachel Spence (1.20) Opening Words of Welcome: ‘The Bright Thread of Hope’ by Gretchen Haley (slightly adapted) There is…

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Love's Many Forms - 14/02/21

Love’s Many Forms – 14/02/21

Opening Music: All you need is love played by Peter Crockford Opening Words and Chalice Lighting:Thanks to our pianist Peter Crockford for managing to re-create…

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Judgement Calls - 7/2/21

Judgement Calls – 7/2/21

Opening Music: Bach Cello Suite no. 3 Sarabande – played by Abby Lorimier Opening Words of Welcome: ‘We, Whose Journeys are Always Beginning’ by Marni…

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Bearing Witness - 31/01/21

Bearing Witness – 31/01/21

Opening Music: Intermezzo by Reinhold Gliere played by Abby Lorimier & Rachel Spence Opening words: This space is sanctuary by Kathleen McTigue (adapted) You who…

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Something Changed - 24/01/21

Something Changed – 24/01/21

Opening Music: ‘The Times they are a-Changin’ by Marilisa Valtazanou Opening Words of Welcome: ‘Forged in the Fire’ by Gretchen Haley (adapted) What’s going to…

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Feeling Good? - 17/01/21

Feeling Good? – 17/01/21

Opening Music – ‘Do what most kindles love’ – Chalice Meditation Opening Words and Chalice Lighting – into candles of joy and concern Look to…

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Help! Thanks! Wow! - 10/01/21

Help! Thanks! Wow! – 10/01/21

Opening Music: Christian Rudolph – played by Peter Crockford (1.33) Opening Words of Welcome: ‘This Hour of Worship’ by Carolyn S. Owen-Towle (adapted) Let us…

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All Will Be Well - 3/1/21

All Will Be Well – 3/1/21

Opening Music: ‘Sheep May Safely Graze’ (Played by Sandra Smith) Opening Words of Welcome: ‘A New Year for Beloved Community’ by Debra Haffner (adapted) We…

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Ringing the Changes - 27/12/20

Ringing the Changes – 27/12/20

Opening Music: God rest ye merry gentlefolk – Trevor Alexander & Peter Crockford Opening Words of welcome and chalice lightingGood morning everybody and welcome to…

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Candlelit Christmas Eve - 24/12/20

Candlelit Christmas Eve – 24/12/20

Opening music video – Dreaming of a White Christmas – Lucy Elston & Laurence Panter Opening words of welcome & chalice lighting by Sydney Wilde-Nugent…

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