Taking Stock

Taking Stock

I once spent a whole summer holiday working in a stock cupboard. This was in the olden days, way back in the 1970s when you…

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A young woman clambering along a rough climbing wall alongside a stream in a forest.

Be Not Afraid

It is completely normal for human beings to feel fear. Our fears start in childhood – from the two universal fears of falling and loud…

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A picture of Springfield church from the Simpsons cartoon with a wayside pulpit stating 'Thou Shalt Turn Off Thy Cell Phone'

CH..CH – Glad that UR in it

There are many ways to sort us all out according to our likes and dislikes – we could ask for a show of hands for…

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A segment of a colour-coded map of London indicating journey times from the centre of London to all other points in the city.

The Maps of Our Lives

I’m strangely fond of old maps – the kinds that were drawn long before satellite images or proper surveying equipment – maps with strange creatures…

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Numerous small silhouette figures converging on the centre of an empty circle.

Containing Multitudes

It has not been a week for good news, has it. So many difficult events have been reported to us from around the world: on-going…

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A person with outstretched arms holding a small globe of the world in their hands.

Choose to Bless the World

I wonder how blessed you are feeling this morning? You might want to hold back your judgement on that until you’ve found out just how…

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The congregation of Kensington Unitarians are pictured standing in a service and singing from hymnbooks.

A Community of Spirit

This is the address from our June 1st service in which we recognise new members and celebrate our community on the day of our Congregation’s…

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An illustration of two heads facing each other, each filled with cogs to indicate thought, and cogs mingling in the conversation space between them.

Communicate and Connect

One of the things that they teach you in ministry training is the importance of speaking clearly. You can have the most wonderfully crafted sermon,…

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A large gathering of Unitarian Universalists wearing yellow 'Standing on the Side of Love' T-shirts at a demonstration.

On Love’s Side

Standing on the Side of Love is a public advocacy campaign organised by the Unitarian Universalist Association, whose goal is to harness love’s power to…

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A group of people in traditional Scottish dress, including kilts and sashes, doing country dancing in the street.

Comfort and Cheer

We have my mum to thank for the title of this address – comfort and cheer. Her memory has almost gone – she doesn’t really…

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