A segment of a pentecost-themed quilt showing a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, against a background of red and yellow flames.

Pentecost for Unitarians

Yesterday we hosted a day conference here at the Essex Church – jointly organised by the World Congress of Faiths and the Alister Hardy Society…

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A person holding a drawing of a smiling face in front of their own face.

Who We Really Are

There is a story that you may know – it’s from the Jewish Hassidic tradition and it tells of the great Hassidic master Zusya.  When…

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A sad-looking girl looks away as two mean-looking girls appear to gossip unkindly about her in the background.

Sinfulness for Unitarians

I don’t know if any of you have heard about this – that one day, apparently, God was looking down at the earth and saw…

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A child holds a small globe of the world in their hand against a background of a bright green field with yellow dandelions.

One World, Our World

When I was a teenager, a long time ago, there were certain items of clothing that you just had to have and when I look…

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